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Photo Essay: Celebrating the diversity of women around the world

Woman in market in Dubai

This women’s history month, we’ve talked both here and on my personal blog about women, yet it would be impossible to sum up women’s role in history through a few posts.

We’ve shown photography of Wichi women taken by Wichi children. We’ve talked about women’s sexuality and how it defines women (or doesn’t). We’ve touched briefly on the the major issues affecting women’s lives, health and education. We shared photos of women from The SCAR Project and inspiring TED Talks from women.

It has been an eye opening month full of conversations with people I didn’t know in February. I end the month with this post. Faces of of women from all over the world as found on Flickr. From a Dos & Don’ts list for how women should live their lives to women in the National Guard to young girls carrying water, the diversity of experience, appearance and belief of women is astounding. This month is only the beginning of the discussion.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Cloudhead blog to read, comment and appreciate the photos, opinions and ideas of all involved. And really, that old timey photo of the woman on a bicycle? Follow the link and read.

Peruvian Woman

Woman of the Uros Islands. Photo by Thomas Quine.

Women Veterans of Minnesota, Ms. Ruth Hedlund

Women of the National Guard. Photo by Minnesota National Guard

Woman in market in Dubai

Woman in the market in Mumbai. Photo by Francois Bester

Women near Berenty

Woman in Madagascar. Photo by David Dennis

Women in burqa in sandstorm

Women in burqa in Afghanistan. Photo by Dirk Haas via Afganistan Matters

Spanish woman on vacation in Hanover City. Her face is telling storie

Spanish woman. Photo by Rolf Kirchner

A message for the ladies

Follow the link and read the Dos & Don’ts. Seriously. Photo by Schwar

Women's boxing

Photo by Stegsie



Woman smoking cigar in Cuba

Woman smoking cigar in Cuba. Photo by Twicepix


Women and girls carrying pots and pans

Volta & Niger Basin. Photo by IUCNweb

Woman Carrying Water

Woman carrying water in Rajasthan. Photo by Nygus

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