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The most perfect advice for breast cancer awareness

We sat down with Sara, one of the models from The Scar Project, to discuss her choice to have a prophylactic mastectomy when she was found to have the BRCA gene. Her story inspires!

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Iain Thomas on social justice and why artists should remain anonymous

The success of Iain Thomas’ microstory blog I Wrote This For You emanates from his ability to write succinctly, often reflecting in his words the struggle, the loneliness and the darkness of our human experience. He simultaneously reminds us to keep hope while allowing us, his readers, to share our own stories.  Much of what Iain Thomas does fits […]

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How-to create a successful collaboration

Jordan Oram tells you why and how you should collaborate with others.

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I Want You in Istanbul

How To Talk to Strangers with Street Photographer Adde Adesokan

I tracked down street photographer Adde Adesokan last year after seeing his Triptychs of Strangers on the Laughing Squid. He was generous enough to reward my mild cyber-stalking with an interview, and what a fun interview.

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Regenerating Your Business: Chatting with Matthew Lynch

Last year, I watched a TEDx Honolulu talk by a man named Matthew Lynch. That’s where I learned how business can be regenerative. It can build community instead of taking resources, and to top that off, he had just published a free e-book titled Regenerative Business 1.o so you, too, can design your businesses to […]

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Changing the Face of Education: An Interview With David Blake

Imagine that the skills you teach yourself or the things you learn while traveling could be in some way quantified so you could put them on your resume.  Or if, say, how to dig a truck out of deep desert sand or that you spent 3 months teaching yourself Photoshop on Youtube were perfectly acceptable […]

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