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8 rules to create a successful volunteer experience

It’s not always easy connecting non-profit work to the community it’s designed to help.

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Best Selling Photography on the Cloudhead ART shop

Have you seen the Cloudhead Artshop? Beautiful images taken by indigenous Wichi children from NW Argentina. These are some of our best sellers. All profits go directly to build gardens and dig wells to support the photographers and their community. This photo was the poster for Cloudhead’s Siguendo Los Pasos de los Wichi exhibition at the […]

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Wichi Gardeners Bring Green Food to a Dry Land

The first harvest is a beautiful thing. When you’ve laid the ground, planted and pulled weeds, and green pokes from the ground. Little yellow flowers sprout from the shoots, and finally, finally, corn grows. These are the gardeners from the Hickmann Wichi community and the gardens they’ve worked hard to cultivate.

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How reusing and recycling supports a community

In 2012, Cloudhead partnered with the Franklin Institute of English in Salta to create art, foster cultural awareness and raise donations for the Wichi communities of Hickmann. This is what happened to those donations.

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Wichi/H20 Photos Now On Sale at Artslant

What is Wichi/H20? We take your recycled cameras and put them in the hands of the children of Hickmann, a small indigenous village in NW Argentina. The kids take photos, have fun, and then we sell their photos to support the village. Hickmann is a tough place. They have no electricity, no running water and […]

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What Happens with the Money When You Buy from Cloudhead?

Wichi/H20 is well under way. We have the cameras you’ve donated. Enough people have bought photos so that the project has begun to pay for itself. Now, all money from this project goes directly into developing a garden. Then we ran into a complication. As we talk to more people involved with non-profits as well […]

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First Look: A Visit to the Hickmann Wichi Village

Noah visits Hickmann on a particularly cold July winter day. It is eye opening.

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Recycle Your Old Digital Cameras; Educate A Child

Last year, we sent out a call for your second hand digital cameras, and you responded! In less than a month, we reached our goal of 20 cameras to use for Wichi/H2O, a photography project that puts your cameras in the hands of children living in Wichi communities in the Salta province of Argentina. Since […]

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