Who Are We?


We are Leigh Shulman and Noah Edelblum. We used to live in Brooklyn, but in 2007 sold everything we owned and started traveling with our daughter Lila with the express purpose of finding a new place to live.

This is us on a lake outside of Rome just a few months into our travels.

In 2010, we found ourselves in Salta and fell in love with the place. We started working locally with NGOs on various volunteer projects when we saw the great need here in Salta for good teachers and improved resources.

We also realized that the same resources needed here in Salta can be found in abundance other places in the world. Thus began our quest to connect people and create collaborations that ultimately improve the skills and opportunities for all involved.

Our past experience

Leigh: I am a writer, teacher and graphic designer. I’ve worked for universities, businesses and artists including MTV, City College of NY, Brooklyn Academy of Music and Barnard College. You can find my writing, translations and photography in Guernica Magazine, Matador Network and the New York Times.

You can read more about me on my blog The Future Is Red.

Noah: My background is in science and research. I’ve worked for NASA, Columbia University and the Smithsonian Institute. I’ve helped Fortune 100 companies such as Citibank and Chase develop business and marketing strategies. I’m also a painter, photographer and sculptor.

We’ve been married for almost 20 years. Lila came along in 2004. This photo was taken on a lake a couple hours north of Rome just a couple months after we left Brooklyn to travel. We had no idea at the time that within a few years, we’d be living in Salta, working with students and hosting volunteers from all over the world.